Watching the video it can seem to take just a few minutes to pressure wash a fair sized patio like this one. Let me take you through the process as this particular one took most of the day.
First job is to clear any pots or furniture off of the area to be cleaned. I like to take a photo before doing this so that I can put every thing back as it was and it can act as a before shot. Any debris that can be swept and shovelled should be cleared next. I then like to position my machine so that the hose can reach all parts of the job. Not always possible but it is best if you can as continually moving the pressure washer can be time consuming.
Then with the soap nozzle on I soak an area with TFR or traffic film remover which is basically a detergent. Just soak an area that you can jet wash before it dries out. That might be a section of the whole job or it might be the entire area depending on the size of the job and the weather etc.
Next it is the turn of the flat surface cleaner. With this attached to your pressure washer slowly go up and down in slightly overlapping lines. Once you have completed the area that you soaked with tfr go back to the soap nozzle to pre-soak the next area. Then with the turbo nozzle on clean the edges on the original area where the flat surface cleaner couldn’t reach at the same time rinsing away the dirty water. Once rinsed treat any remaining lichen or algae with a solution of sodium hypochlorite and agitate with a stiff broom allow it to soak while you work on the next area. Then go back and using the wide nozzle like a water broom rinse over and remove any stubborn lichen.
Finish off all areas and put pots and furniture back as required. On a damp day with a small area you won’t have to worry about anything drying out so there would be no need to break it down into sections but do allow enough dwell time for the cleaning agents to do their work.
I have seen other patio cleaners advertising that they use no chemicals, whilst I admire the sentiment, you will get a cleaner patio with the careful use of cleaning agents and a pressure wash. After all you use washing up liquid, washing powder, bleach and cleaning sprays to give you a cleaner home. However I am very happy to work without if that is the customers wish.

After a pressure wash

Poolside after a pressure wash.