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I offer my Patio Cleaning service to all areas of East Sussex and a little bit of Kent. I will clean all the hard surfaces in your garden, including patios, driveways, steps, decking, garden buildings and fencing etc. High pressure washing and cleaning agents are used to get a professional finish and keep it cleaner for longer.

A cedar stain colours and protects this area of decking.

A cedar stain colours and protects this area of decking.

My pricing is based on the area to be cleaned and is very competitive as I strive to keep overheads as low as possible. Patio cleaning makes a massive difference to the enjoyment you will get from your garden bringing back the original beauty of the stone etc. Please look my before and after pictures of some of my work.

There were hundreds of different stone finishes available when you originally chose your patio. You probably spent an age choosing them and creating the perfect pattern to show off your garden to its best. Keep it looking like your original dream with a regular annual clean. Go onto my emailing list and I will contact you at a prearranged time once or twice a year. Regular patio cleaning should be as much a part of the routine as any other cleaning in the home.


I am happy to come and give you a free no obligation quote or you can simply book, either way I charge £1.75 per square metre with a minimum of £50.

Brick pavers will need resanding with kiln dried sand after they have dried. This requires a second visit on a dry day. I charge £3.50 per square metre to cover both cleaning and resanding including the cost of the sand. I also offer a sealing service for brick paving, this can restore some of the original colour and help prevent weed growth. Normally this will cost around an extra £2 per square metre pending a site visit.

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Please call 07962 546398 if you would rather discuss your patio cleaning over the phone.